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Excellent Cosplay Piece

Overall Opinion:

This an extremely well made helmet that I found to be worth the money - especially when purchased at a discount. You could do some weathering of your own to make the weathering they did really pop. Nice shade of olive drab green too.


I extremely enjoy the functional electronics that only need a 9 volt battery to use - featuring a light strip along the top of the visor (mimicking the Sneak Sight feature when crouching in game) in addition to the red light on the side of the helmet. There's a switch on the inside of the chin and also a little pocket to keep the 9 volt battery once connected to a small wire. There's a generous amount of cloth padding on the inside and some foam to protect the ears. My head is pretty big, so it was a snug fit. With the cloth and foam, expect your head to get hot.


The helmet was very well packaged so there's little chance in my mind it would get damaged it transit. The hoses were packaged separately alongside the radio antenna, an extra visor, and two copies of the small tip that goes right above the gas mask (you screw that in). The hoses and radio piece have 3D printed bolts that are screwed inside the helmet to keep those pieces in place. You'll likely never touch these with your face.


FYI - I am a USA buyer. Their website led me to believe the helmets are manufactured and shipped from the UK, but this doesn't appear to be the case. When I received my tracking number via email, I wasn't told which mail service they use. Thinking the helmet was coming from the UK, I searched up all the popular mail services from there and tried the tracking number to no avail. I had to DM their Instagram (which they're very active on) and was told they use Boxberry - a Russian shipping company. Now, this may be because of the conflict there, I'm not sure, but Boxberry didn't provide location information during the tracking. Normally with other mail services it'll tell you the city and state of wherever the package is, but not this mail service. I only received generic updates stating the package was received by the carrier, in transit, left host country, in customs - not a lot of info to go off. Now again, this may be because of the conflict, but the package was in customs for over a week, close to two - it took about 30 days from purchasing to get to me. Again, it was packaged very well. When I received the package, the shipping label clearly stated it came from Russia - do with that information whatever you wish.

Customer Service:

This is where it got a bit odd for me, leaving a slight bad taste in my mouth. I messaged custom service through their host website, connecting with Vahan - listed on their website as their main customer service person. This is probably a real person, and not AI. After finding out the helmet was manufactured in Russia, it made a little more sense to me that Vahan's English wasn't perfect. I had to ask him to clarify what he meant a few times, but we understood each other enough. I originally messaged customer service because I found similar looking helmets on Etsy (CyberCraft Gear Garage). At the time, there was a 20% discount on the same price of $385 on Etsy, but not on the host website (all in with the discount, I paid $368 USD). Not wanting to get scammed, I messaged Vahan asking if the Etsy page I found was theirs. Vahan oddly said the page wasn't theirs, calling it a scam (It's their page as a couple of weeks later on Instagram they advertised their Etsy). As a business I know it's better purchases are made through your own website rather than a third party as to avoid other fees - so I get that. It might be a translation issue, but I disliked Vahan's dishonesty. However, Vahan gave me the same 20% discount offered on Etsy (and this was before they announced their 20% promo on all Fallout helmets, maybe the timing was there or he genuinely misunderstood that Etsy page to be theirs and matched the price anyway). Vahan also emailed me after I received my helmet with a short message of "Hi, how r u?". Not the most professional way to go about it, but I imagine he was going to ask me about how I liked the helmet and if I'd leave a review. I'm not sure if Vahan also runs their Instagram (maybe not since he had spelling mistakes and improper English when talking to him), but whoever does was responsive when asking about their carrier. I was also emailed a 20% discount code valid for only a couple days after my initial purchase - business tactic to encourage impulse buying, I get it.

Despite the odd customer service, again, the quality of the helmet speaks for itself - satisfied with the purchase and an excellent piece of my future Elite Riot Gear cosplay. Would I buy another helmet? Definitely tempting, their Halo ODST helmet looks enticing. They seem to do discounts somewhat often of 15% to 20%, so be patient.

Great except for clear visibility

I love the exterior of the mask it looks great. I had to adjust the inside to get a decent fit.

Breathing is easy while on.

Only complaints are: The forehead strap sort is uncomfortable. The visibility could be a lot better, I don't recommend wearing this while walking or at night.

Overall it looks great and fit is adjustable. I give it a score of 3/5 though due to the limited visibility.

Clone 501 Damage Armor
Andrew Ciepiela
501st damaged

I bought this clone armor I absolutely recommend this set takes me back to when I was growing up watching star wars episode 3 and the clone wars. It's good quality armor and excellent detail and paint job. Cyber craft was really helpful in taking me through step by step in order for me to get the armor. First armor set and because it's very good quality I will be getting more so I recommend this armor.

Great Job !!

i want to keep it short !! SIMPLY GREAT! ... the helmet fits extremely well, inside very soft, does not wobble and the quality of the workmanship ... just awesome! Sure, the fit depends a little on the head, but the padding is so comfortable! I believe that even tinkerers manage to install electronics in this helmet as well.. But that's not all... the support is worth more than 10 stars, anytime to help.. Emails are answered extremely quickly, I have the feeling that I can always reach someone! Great Job !! Thanks a lot !

Another amazing helmet

I got a Wolffe and Rex helmet and they are both fantastic! Excellent attention to detail and great craftsmanship. I recently had a photoshoot with some of my friends and I used some of the helmets that I bought from this company and my friends all loved the helmets and we had a fun time together. These helmets are well worth it.

Commander Doom

I asked for a custom Commander Doom helmet and they helped me figure it out. Love this helmet so much. Totally worth the money. Matches very well with my suit as well.


Helmet came in great and is amazing quality, only down side is the plastic screw that does the visor can tend to drill into your head so long periods of wearing can hurt. But all in all amazing helmet

This is The Way to get a fine Mandalorian armor

I received my Cybercraft's Mandalorian armor on time for May the 4th, 2024, and it's seriously impressive!

The fit is great, and it feels really comfortable, which is a big deal for long events or conventions. What really stood out to me was the attention to detail—they've nailed every aspect, from the leather belt to the intricate design elements like the jump suit, the shells, the bombs and the general craftmanship of everything. Even when it's not 100% screen accurate I just love the idea of a pristine full beskar armor.

I also have to give a shoutout to their customer service team. Vahan was super helpful throughout the process, ensuring that my order arrived on time and in pristine condition. It's rare to find such a seamless experience when ordering custom gear like this.

All in all, Cybercraft's Mandalorian armor is top-notch, and no questions it deserves a 5-star rating. If you're in the market for a full solution of high-quality cosplay gear, look no further! YouTube video placeholder
Just Wow

Bought the Mando set with the Jetpack. The fit and finish is absolutely stunning. Went to 2 comicons and a children’s hospital with a ton of people wanting to stop and get pictures and comment on the quality of the suit. The fit is excellent and the attention to detail shows how much these guys care about their work.

It is a pricy suit but honestly what you pay is what you get and you get ALOT for the price that’s for sure.

As a full disclosure when my suit arrived the helmet was damaged. This was not the fault of Cyber craft packing it was an issue with the shipping company being careless and hitting the box VERY hard. I contacted them and before I knew it a replacement helmet was in the mail to me. These guys are 100/10 customer and quality of service. Definitely look forward to more purchases from them in the future.

Awesome job thank you and your team

Helmet came fast! The quality and detail work is amazing! Highly recommend!

Batman Arkham Knight Helmet
Kristopher Schoenleber
I'm Batman ...

Wonderful construction and super light weight helmet. Visibility through the visor is alright, but definitely distorted a bit ... it's very neat how they made the helmet look like a solid piece, but you can see through it when you put it on. Great worn metal details on the silver/gray parts and the LED lights on either side are a neat little additional detail.

Clone 1 - Sergeant - Clean
Lucas Santanello
False review

I'm addressing my last review. Because I accidentally put 4 stars instead of 5. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there's helmets definitely worth 5 stars.

Clone 1 - Sergeant - Clean
Lucas Santanello
Great helmet

Amazing helmet!!! I'm so glad I found a helmet that capture the sergeant from the movies. I never thought they got enough screen time and the green is amazing and really pops. I think cybercraft put some more workmanship into their helmets. Then Other companies and the price is reasonable. But I also think we should add the animated phase one version of the helmet But that's just me. Lol Anyways, it's a great helmet regardless, and you should buy it.

Darth Revan Helmet
Dylan de Turberville
A legendary Relic

Sometime ago I ordered a Darth Revan helmet to add to my collection. When it finally arrived it was damaged beyond repair. When I contacted Cyber Craft and informed them of about my helmet they were more than happy to send me a replacement. And now overall I am super satisfied with my Darth Revan Helmet.

Outstanding excellence

These guys are amazing! When I messaged them asking about the helmet, they were quick, kind and helpful! Also, the helmet quality is exceeded my expectations! The NCR Ranger helmet is very sturdy, and it’s very comfortable. The paint job is remarkable as well! Very detailed, and very well done. I would recommend this helmet 110%.

Awesome work

Look at this custom piece of a helmet absolutely high quality, it took a while to come in but i gotta say it was totally worth it....

Great detail!

The helmet came very nicely wrapped. They made sure the helmet got to our house safely. It took a while for the helmet to arrive, but the results were worth it. They paid great attention to detail and it fit my head perfectly. It was better than I expected. Each helmet is unique and I was most impressed with the results. Can’t wait to see what they do next!

Echo Bad Batch Helmet
Max Charlesworth
Worth every penny

This helmet is honestly incredible, the level of detail is insane and worth the price you're paying. It's super comfortable to wear, really light and padded really well. If you're contemplating buying one, just do it

Amazing Helmet

The Helmet is of amazing quality. The personalized padding, the Colours and every small detail on this helmet has impressed me very much. Even though this is my first star wars helmet, it definetly wont be my last. Im looking forward to seeing and getting more helmets of this great quality. What i found even more nice is the Customer support. When u talk with them via the Chat you can have your Helmet patted and made so it will fit perfectly on your head. Overall review 11/10

Amazing helmet even ray park loved it

Never have bought a well made helmet such as this before it is so much better and comfortable than any I have worn yet I love the nice pattern of maul and the gold visor sets it off amazingly. I took it to a con and got so many compliments on it and also got it sign by maul himself

Phase 2 clone helmet

My phase 2 helmet is amazing I even requested that they leave the part where the grid would go filled in plastic and not cut the teeth out and they did it with no extra cost

Suuuper Geeil

Grüße aus Deutschland
Danke cybercraft Ihr habt tolle arbeit geleistet der Helm sieht mega aus, hat zwar ungefähr 2 monate gebarucht bis er angekommen ist,ist aber nicht so schlimm.ich freu mich schon den nächsten zu bestellen😁👍

Piece of art

Shipping was fast no problems, and when i had this peice of art in my hands it looked even better then on the picture. It also sits really well on my head.

Darth Maul Praetorian Guard

I have a total of three darth maul helmets and by far this one is the most stunning, the gold visor brings it all together, especially because its not see through so it will hide my face. Durable and comfortable to wear as always.

One word: quality

It's literally what I expected from Cyber-Craft. Totally satisfied with this first order. Arrived in Italy in 4 days, therefore very fast shipping. Well packaged and the item itself can be described as a work of art. 100% satisfied and will definitely buy again!