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Absolutely Amazing!

The quality and detail on this helmet are amazing! Highly recommend!

Such a good helmet. So comfortable, the design is amazing. It looks so so good on and off amazing helmet definitely recommend this helmet. And the company and workers so helpful and nice.

Do the thing!!!

This thing is awesome! So we'll built, and looks amazing! It's super comfortable to wear and a perfect start for my Cayde cosplay! Keep up the great work guys!

"Can't say I blame you, Commander Tano, but all the same, you're under arrest."

I've have been buying helmets from cyber craft for years now and they never seem to come up short. This is a fantastic helmet and am happy to add it to my ever growing collection.


Excellent craftsmanship and quality. Keep up the great work:)


I was amazed by the fast delivery and continue to be impressed by the quality.

Paz Vizsla Helmet

The Paz Vizsla Helmet is Outstanding. Great job once again, like my other helmets ordered from CC.

Outstanding Job

Just received 6 months after ordering during Halloween sale. Wish the wait wasn't so long but I understand now bringing new product to market takes time. It was worth the wait though, especially since this variant is not common. As they promised it's lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear. Well done Cybercraft keep up the great work!


This is my first time buying from cyber craft. The helmet is phenomenal and a lot more comfortable than ones I've bought elsewhere. It took a little longer than I thought getting here but given the circumstances they've done a great job. Will definitely be buying more in the future.

Okay then!

Okay this thing is beautiful!


It was very comfortable and I could see threw it perfectly!


Amazing quality helmet, super comfortable and incredibly realistic! Super happy with my purchase!

Great Helmet!

Love the helmet and cannot wait to use it as part of next Halloween's costume with my little guy that will be 1 by then.

My ONLY complaint is the Beskar version that I purchased is really dark (more of a Gunmetal) not the bright chrome look as in the show. If you look through the reviews in the pictures there seems to be a vast range of colors. Some look like a bright chrome and some look dark, I thought it was just the camera that took the pictures, but I guess not.

Is it me or the painting of the armorer helmet do not follow the armorer movie helmet ? Not the same gold. Otherwise the quality seem good !

I am no Jedi

Alleen jammer dat hij niet past voor mijn grote hoofd.
Nu voor display en mijn zoon.

Hunter Bad Batch Helmet
Robin Freijters


Wrecker Bad Batch Helmet
Robin Freijters
We like to blow things up

My little Wrecker loves it

This is the Way

I and the foundling love it 💚

Red Hood

Great helmet, perfect fit

Really high quality

The detail on the helmet is really impressive. The lighting is great, paint quality is great, and it's comfy because of the full fabric lining on the inside.

Some details worth mentioning are that it uses AAA batteries, you'll suffer from heat, and you can't see in the dark. No regrets on the purchase, and I would love to see this company's attempt at making a full Titanfall Pilot suit ;)

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Cant fault this build at all. Was completed alot sooner then expected and arrived safe, undamaged very quickly. Fits great, looks amazing.
Friendly staff kept me up to date with production stages and was very helpful with my questions. 100% returning customer

Great Mandalorian suit for the price

Competitively speaking this is a great deal for what you get compared to others. Cybercraft needs to update their pictures because it looks better and then what is advertised. This is not a 1:1 exact replica as on set, but it’s a great enough to feel like the real deal. YouTube video placeholder
Obvusly nice BUT

obviously the helmet is super beautiful, very detailed, the quality is there. The blue light it's Amazing too.

But it's not exactly what I ordered, too bad! :(. For the price i have payed i'm sad.
However, I know, the team is doing its best to resolve this problem.
I will order again from cybercraft without hesitation
Best helmer crafter

Republic Commando Awesome Helmet

Bought my SEV helmet from their SALE at Etsy and it was Awesome. It was ready to Ship so the shipment arrived in less than 3 weeks as advertised. Super super awesome helmet. The Quality, LED and paint job is top notch. By far THE BEST Republic Commando Helmet out there and also in bargain prices. Will buy again soon.

Commander cody

Commander cody has always been my favorite since I was little and to finally own his helmet is a dream come true they did such a beautiful job on it. I’ll definitely be getting more from them