Our helmets are not designed for airsoft. An airsoft helmet should have a strap or cushion system for head protection and good visibility. Our helmets are developed without considering these features.

We produce a fan product that is not subject to mandatory certification. Using uncertified motorcycle helmets is life-threatening!

The helmet can be worn with glasses. However, it is an individual question that depends on the shape and size of the glasses, as well as the shape and size of the head. Without fitting, it cannot be said for sure whether you will be comfortable wearing our helmet with glasses.

Please contact Danis through the chat or directly email the customer support manager at info@cyber-craft.shop. We will definitely resolve your issue!If only the visor was damaged: Please check if there is an extra visor included. In this case, you will be able to replace it yourself. Instructions for visor replacement: https://youtube.com/shorts/mP3x_-92FhA?feature=share

Our helmets are cast from polyurethane (except for carbon helmets). We use 3D printed models to create molds.

We would be happy to make a helmet for you with a custom paint job! Please go to the chat for further details.

We produce helmets in fixed sizes and cannot make significant adjustments to them. Sometimes we can adjust the helmet size by 1-2 cm larger or smaller by adding or removing a layer of foam in the lining.

To measure your head, use a flexible tape measure. Measure your head as shown in the picture: https://bellracing.com/media/wysiwyg/step1.png

We can provide express delivery and fast production services. Please go to the chat to clarify the details.

Designing a helmet, especially armor, takes a lot of time. With the current number of orders, we cannot accommodate requests for manufacturing non-catalog products. However, we are constantly developing new types of helmets and sharing them on our Instagram.

This is not an official licensed product and is a Fan Art. The copyright does not belong to the seller.

We carefully package the helmet in stretch film, bubble wrap, and place it in a multi-layered cardboard box, filling any free space with Kraft paper.

The helmet visor should be wiped with a soft microfiber cloth, without applying pressure.For glossy helmets, wipe them with a dry cloth made of soft microfiber. Additionally, car wax can be used to care for glossy helmets.Matte helmets can be wiped with a damp microfiber cloth.