About Cyber Craft

Video about how we make our helmets:

We create realistic helmets from movies, TV series and games. Whether you are a cosplayer, collector or a fan or just want to give a fantastic gift to a loved one, then our products are exactly what you need!

We create each of our helmets in our own workshop with excellent detalization. The quality of the painting of our helmets can be compared with factory car painting, because we use high-quality materials and professional equipment. Some of our helmets have some cool electronics like eye lighting, moving mechanical parts, etc. Each helmet has a soft inner layer inside, which provides comfortable wear.

Everyone in our team is a big fan of their job and the geek industry itself. We started from making paper and EVA foam helmets and now we have more than 30 variations of helmets in our assortment. And this is not the end! Each and every helmet is an interesting challenge for us to take and we’re always ready to accept it. And we’ll always be happy to create something unique and custom for you.

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May the force be with you
CyberCraft team