Cyber Craft
Custom Helmets
We are Star Wars fans who create cool custom
merch for other fans all over the world
The story of how a small hobby of two Star Wars fans grew into an international project that delights fans around the world with quality collectible and cosplay products.
The story of the Cyber Craft brand started back in 2016, when two Star Wars fans Marat Sultanguzin and Leonid Kim decided to create an exact replica of the Iron Man suit.
But they didn't stop there and continued their journey in the world of crafting, creating new models of costumes and helmets. A month later, when they ran out of money and the hobby took up all their free time, they made a difficult decision which would turn their lives upside down in the future and decided to devote themselves completely to their favorite craft.
Being huge fans of the Star Wars universe since childhood, they decided to focus on this universe in order to reveal in their products its full scale and the uniqueness of each individual character. The guys bought a new 3D printer and started making their first full-scale models for long-range production.
Now we already produce over 500 helmets a month and ship them to over 25 countries, delighting fans like us all over the world.
All our helmets are fully handmade, from creating a 3D model up to packing before sending. For our helmets we use only best of the best:

- Durable plastic for casting
- Tinted visors with high visibility
- Professional painting with high quality car painting materials
- Soft inner layer for comfortable wear

To learn more about our helmets production, just watch a little video behind.

As big Star Wars fans and merch producers, we have our own special mission - to unite fans of this beautiful universe with our products all over the world.

We have a small dream, we want 13,000 fans to become lucky owners of our helmets! Now we have 7,000 positive reviews from 70 countries which is more than halfway to our goal and we’re planning to reach our target during the next year! So help our dream come true, follow us on social networks, tag on photos and videos, send your feedback and join our big Cyber Craft family.

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