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Friends, we would like to introduce you to old era helmets. We know that our helmets delight many cosplayers and Star Wars fans around the world. Every month we try to expand our assortment of Star Wars helmets. Today we want to talk about the Havoc Trooper helmet. It is already available and you can buy it.


Who are the Havoc Troopers?


The Havoc Squad was the elite special forces of Galactic Republic in times that now known as Old Republic. They gain its name under the command of Commander Malcolm. The detachment took part in many battles of Great Galactic War between Republic and Sith Empire. They were able to retake Alderaan from the Sith and helped the Republic win the guerrilla war. You may have seen this in Star Wars: The Old Republic and in many DLC.


The Havoc Squad's path has not been smooth. They were under command of Harron Tavus for many battles, but they loyalty ends after one mission. On Ando Prime, squad was outnumbered by enemy soldiers. Havocs requested an evacuation. The Senate of the Republic canceled the evacuation because the operation on the planet was carried out without its knowledge. Havocs barely escaped in a stolen shuttle and even return to Republic, but they felt betrayed. After that, the entire detachment decided to go over to the side of the Empire.

After the mission on Ord Mantell all that remains of once honourable squad was just a new recruit. He was tasked to recruit a new squad of Havocs and hunt down all former members of the squad. New Havoc Squad even included an Imperial deserter and a battle droid. This squad was to destroy the superweapon and defeat General Rakton. Unfortunately, in the end, the Havoc squad broke up into separate groups and ceased to exist.
This is a hard and sad story of excellent soldiers who suffered betrayal.



What armor do they have?

A special feature of the Havoc squad is armor with red and orange markings. They used assault rifles, hand-held rocket launchers, blaster cannons and pistols, grenade launchers and combat knives. These are well-armed soldiers in heavy massive armor.

The Havoc Trooper helmet is a white helmet with red inserts and a red peak. The peak is wide and massive. It partially covers the visor. The Havoc Trooper has an unusual wide black visor. The shape of the helmet is complex, but this is not a problem for our craftsmens team. The helmet looks massive and heavy, but in fact it`s quite light.


For the manufacture of the Havoc Trooper helmet, we use durable and lightweight plastic. The helmet covered in bright enamel. We adhere to the canons, so we try to repeat the Havoc Trooper helmet exactly. Do not hesitate, it will be a great gift helmet for a fan or a helmet for a cosplayer.

By the way, we have done it with battle damage only. What do you think, do we need also add weathered variant of this helmet?

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