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Paz Vizsla, a male Human and Heavy Infantry Mandalorian hailing from Mandalore, belonged to the Tribe within the Children of the Watch. This was during the era of the New Republic, and he resided in a concealed enclave on Nevarro. Vizsla harbored a strong aversion towards the defeated Galactic Empire and individuals associated with it, stemming from the Empire's involvement in the Mandalorian Great Purge.

Paz Vizsla Helmet from Star Wars / Cosplay Helmet / The Mandalorian/ Star Wars Helmet Cyber Craft

When the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin utilized beskar acquired from Imperial sources to forge his armor, Paz Vizsla confronted him, expressing strong disapproval of his association with the Empire. The two engaged in a skirmish, only to be interrupted by the Tribe's Armorer. Subsequently, Vizsla and other Tribe members rallied to protect Djarin from various bounty hunters, facilitating his escape with a rescued child from the Imperial remnant. Unfortunately, this act of heroism led to the discovery of the Tribe by the Imperial remnant, resulting in a devastating attack that claimed the lives of most members. Despite the tragedy, Vizsla managed to survive and evade capture.

Vizsla, in collaboration with the Armorer, established a new hideout on the Glavis Ringworld space station. In time, Djarin, who had sustained injuries and wielded the Darksaber, joined them. Vizsla tended to Djarin's wounds and observed the latter's training under the Armorer. Noticing Djarin's struggle, Vizsla, driven by the desire to reclaim the Darksaber—an artifact forged by his ancestor Tarre Vizsla—challenged Djarin to a duel. Despite briefly succeeding in wresting the Darksaber from Djarin, Vizsla was ultimately defeated.

Upon discovering that Djarin had violated the Mandalorian creed by removing his helmet during the duel, Vizsla denounced him as an apostate and insisted he depart. Djarin complied, leaving with the Darksaber still in his possession.

Paz Vizsla Helmet from Star Wars / Cosplay Helmet / The Mandalorian/ Star Wars Helmet Cyber Craft

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