Progress of CyberCraft developments - October, Middle


Good day dear friends!

Today I will tell you about which star wars helmets from pre-orders we released this month, which are in the works and at what stage, which are only in the plans and which helmet we are going to revive.

helmets from pre-orders we released this month

To begin with, let's summarize a little. We have released more than half of our developments and are ready to take on a new project.

We try to put in two helmets every month, but due to the fact that some projects like Tech bad Batch and Clone 2 Phase Armor were extremely difficult, our development grid shifted a little. But we are trying to catch up with her with all our might.

On a Realistic Captain Rex, we tested a new strategy for collecting pre-orders and released it in two colors at once, so that you can choose the options that you like. We've reworked realistic welds to make this helmet look a little different from the clone trooper helmet

We were the last to release Imperial Crosshair, which complements the Bad batch helmets series. It was one of the helmets that we made according to the development grid. Together with him, we released a new paiting for the clone helmet, which we called Elite.

Progress of CyberCraft developments
Progress of CyberCraft developments

Now we have three helmets at work and we are preparing new projects of cosplay helmets to launch. Subscribe to our instagram and email newsletter in order not to miss the news about the progress of current pre-orders and news about the start of new ones.

We started work on two helmets at the same time, but one of them quickly progressed to the next step, while we are working on the other. Yes, the first one is about the Tie Fighter Pilot. So far, we are only making a helmet, without the rest of the pilot's ammunition.

Things didn't go so well with Darth Revan. After printing, we had to make edits to the 3D model in order to make the helmet more comfortable to wear. However, any such difficulties always pay off with reviews from satisfied customers.

A similar fate befell one of our long-term construction, but not from star wars - the Halo helmet. We brought it to the stage of the master model, but during the fitting we realized that it was too small and we had to start the whole process of creation from scratch, cauze the helmet will be not suitable and not ready for cosplay. Now we bring the details to the master model and soon he will go to molding.


Halo Helmets | Cyber Craft

We are often asked why other discounts do not work on helmets during the pre-order process?

The answer is that such helmets have the lowest price anyway. After the release, no matter what the sale is in action, you will never get a helmet is more profitable than pre-ordering.

There are also limited editions that we are often asked to return on sale. One such example is the Imperial Skull Stormtrooper. In the near future, we will launch its re-order and as soon as we collect enough, we will start processing the production of this helmet. Now it is done entirely by hand - we will create a matrix for it and we will be able to make more of them.

Imperial Trooper Skull Helmet | Cyber Craft

But our production never stops, we are looking for new ways to interact with our customers - to hear what they want to see among our products, what kind of helmet they are especially looking forward to. To do this, we conduct votes on our instagram and that is why we launch our blog. So that everyone interested can express their opinion and let us know about it.

We conduct votes on our instagram and that is why we launch our blog

You may already know some of these things if you subscribe to our instagram, and we also regularly send emails to keep you updated.

Since this is our first issue of a news digest in blog format - write us what you think about it?


  • Warren Riner

    Any chance of a captain plasma helmet since you already have a working first order trooper?

  • Brody

    The day you do all black far Saxon helmet I’ll buy it!!!

  • Christian Schwanse

    Could you do a Halo: ODST Helmet ?

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