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Gar Saxon

Absolutely fantastic. I recommend every Star Wars fan grab a helmet. The price might seem high, but it's totally worth it. Next up for me is Boba Fett

NCR Ranger

Helmet looks amazing with details. It fits considerably snug but I have a bigger head than most but I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Proper Variant

SW finally designed a guard helmet that is far superior to any previous versions. The split t-visor, super shiny flawless red paint and tapered skirt make this a must-have. Cybercraft executed this top-quality replica perfectly. Fits my narrow head nicely aswell.

Mandalorian+Imperial=Mandaperial Hybridium

How do you get Mandalorian style to reflect imperial influence? Give it the upside-down frown treatment on the front jaw. Whoever designed this nailed it. Such a simple and effective modification that blends right in yet changes the entire characteristic. Super shiny flawless black and red paint scheme with removable vanes on the top add to the unique look. Replicated perfectly by Cybercraft. This one also seems to fit better due to my narrow noggin. Well done.

Sleek and Sinister

I don't see many SW helmets with the armor skirt curving around the cheeks so the design is uncommon, however I do have one other and thought they would look great together. Since Cybercraft offered their version, I decided it should be in the collection. They did an incredible job casting the shell considering there is a lot of complex geometry and gave the metallic paint scheme realistic look battle scars. Perfectly executed.

Better Than I Imagined!!!

I love this helmet! The quality is amazing and you can tell Cyber craft makes their helmets with TLC. It is comfortable to wear, albeit sometimes hot and hard to breath. Would not recommend jogging in this thing, lol. I was afraid that the helmet would be big and bulky and was prepared to live with that. But I was surprised when the size was just right. The field of view was also very surprising. 100/10 will be buying more helmets in future!

Fantastic customer service

Your helmets have amazing quality and your customer service is fantastic . We are grateful for you replacing a helmet that came damaged with no hassle and we will continue to purchase your amazing helmets. I have attached pictures below of us in your helmets. Also for more check my instagram @asian_sith_mistress

Great bucket!

Your helmets have amazing quality and your customer service is fantastic . I have attached a picture below in your helmet. For more photos see my instagram @darksithapprentice

Worth the wait!

My Cayde helmet was fantastic! But the eyes didn't light up when I put the battery in which stinks but a great helmet.


worth every cent of the price

Awesome Helmet

Just open the box on this helmet at it is incredible. Detail and craftsmanship like no other. Highly, highly recommend purchasing. Great for the old Republic Commando nostalgia.


This helmet is absolutely stunning! This was my first helmet it’s amazing I’m so happy with this purchase. The customer support and amazing they respond fast, help a lot, and are just overall awesome these guys helped me out so much I haven’t ever had a company as good as them I definitely recommend these guys!


Looks just like the picture, definitely a good idea to add to any collection

Excellent craftsmanship

If you don't have the talent to make your own suit this is the best armor you can get for the price.

amzing model

hello there, I myself did not buy this prop, but i did recreate it with cardboard and hot glue. it was an amazing reference. i will still need to pant this tho.


I love this thing well worth the wait for it! This is the way!

Shark scout

It came in the biggest box and was the most protected. The design and detail on it are amazing fits so comfortably and has a darker lens to see through but can still see through it great

Who’s joining my battalion to hunt down some clankers with me

Ewok hunter

Looks even better in reality, I was really surprised and impressed how well you can see out of this. The design and detail is incredible highly recommended.

Now excuse me but I gotta go hunt some ewoks 🫡

Red Hood

My First Helmet from Cybercraft and I have no complaints😁, fits perfectly looks amazing and I feel like Jason Todd. It was a great start to my collection and can’t wait to continue doing business with you guys. Thank you

Starkiller Helmet
Dylan de Turberville
A True Sith Helmet

When I saw Starkiller Helmet I know I needed it for my collection. I ask Cyber Craft if they could add red straps instead of yellow, and to top it all of they add a red visor. Overall I'm really happy with my new helmet. And I would highly recommend Cyber Craft.

Thank You Cyber Craft

Mandalorian Helmet
Craig Campbell
This is the way.... to a great helmet!!

I just got my Mandalorian helmet and couldn't be happier. I have a larger head than most and have trouble finding cosplay items that fit. Luckily, this one was made large enough to fit me comfortably. There was a wait as they craft the helmet, but it was well worth the wait. CyberCraft puts a lot of quality work into these helmets. When the helmet arrived, it was very well packed and safe. I am very excited to have this and hope others enjoy theirs too. ☺


this helmet is stunning - such great craftsmanship! great quality, sturdy, comfortable to wear and has a beautiful paint job. i love it and can’t wait to wear it to watch the new ahsoka series with sabine in it!

Death Trooper - Ghost Clean Helmet with LED
Daniel Sievers

Another great job (Helmet). And this is why you guys are the best!

The Armorer Helmet
Daniel Sievers
Great Helmet

Love it !!! Great job guys!!!

Amazing quality

I’m so pleased with the helmet I received. Everyone talks about how good the quality is with these helmets, but even that doesn’t do them justice. I came to them with questions and they helped me along the way to getting the right helmet for me and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Customer service was phenomenal, and the quality of the helmet is better than I could’ve imagined!