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Suuuper Geeil

Grüße aus Deutschland
Danke cybercraft Ihr habt tolle arbeit geleistet der Helm sieht mega aus, hat zwar ungefähr 2 monate gebarucht bis er angekommen ist,ist aber nicht so schlimm.ich freu mich schon den nächsten zu bestellen😁👍

It's just okay.

It's not bad, but it's not great either.
The pros, it seems really sturdy and well made, came with an extra lens, and spare nose spikes. Well packaged quick delivery.

The cons. It's pretty small and with the padding it doesn't fit comfortably. I have a pretty average sized head too. But thankfully the fleece liner isn't in very well so pulling it and the padding out should be easy. But I'm going to have to repad it. The brackets that hold the visor in place press into my forehead, and there is a big gap between the visor and helmet. The paint job definitely needs to be redone. It's fine for display but not really cosplay quality. There are no fans or even vents for pulling fresh air in so as is it can't be worn for very long. And the back is very open/exposed. Not a deal breaker, just an annoying thing I've noticed with cosplay helmets.

It's a decent base, but for the money I wish a diy kit was available and in a slightly bigger size. I'm going to have to tear it apart and redo most of it.

Piece of art

Shipping was fast no problems, and when i had this peice of art in my hands it looked even better then on the picture. It also sits really well on my head.

I would give a 0 if I could

Ordered a helmet before Thanksgiving 2023 . Never received it .. after two supposed lost shipments . …. A refund request which was denied because it has been too long sence order placed and then an offer to file for the shipment insurance … after waiting weeks with no payment I was told they could only pay it to my bank acckunt and to send them photo of front and back of my photo id (license) photo of front and back of my credit card … my address .. full name .. AND my full SOCIAL SEC. Number . Then they would send me the shipment insurance ! Tell me this is not a SCAM SET UP .!! Of corse I won’t provide that info so they told me they wouldn’t send any funds back . I have reported it the internet crimes division and my bank , what a mess and a scam , if anyone has received there order from here I wish I knew how you lucked out

Darth Maul Praetorian Guard

I have a total of three darth maul helmets and by far this one is the most stunning, the gold visor brings it all together, especially because its not see through so it will hide my face. Durable and comfortable to wear as always.

One word: quality

It's literally what I expected from Cyber-Craft. Totally satisfied with this first order. Arrived in Italy in 4 days, therefore very fast shipping. Well packaged and the item itself can be described as a work of art. 100% satisfied and will definitely buy again!

Mini Mando Helmet

Such a great product with some good weight to it for display. Of course painted the Cyber Craft way, perfection. So happy with this product. A must have. “This is the way!” 🫡🔥

Quality Craftsmanship and Comfortable!

This helmet far exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier. My son is obsessed with Stormtroopers and really wanted a high quality helmet to wear. We have 2 of the black series helmets but they are bulky and clearly not meant to be worn. This helmet on the other hand is padded and incredibly soft on the inside. I tried it on myself and couldn’t believe how comfortable it was. Thank you so much CyberCraft!

Praetorian Guard Helmet

Excellent build, super glossy. Fits perfect.

Darth Revan Helmet
Hayden Charles

Wasn't sure about getting a helmet from this place but I'm glad I did. The quality is way better than any of the helmets I've gotten before. It's not just super comfortable and easy to see out of but the design is top quality! Definitely worth the price. I will definitely be buying more helmets from Cybercraft.

Amazing product

The helmet is really high quality and feels great, the inner lining of the helmet is super soft and comfortable to wear. The only issue was a slight damage in the paint but it’s not noticeable unless looking at the bottom of the airway. Other than that small issues the helmet came out looking amazing and I love it.

Captain Enoch Helmet
Philip Ermino
Captain Enoch Helmet

The Captain Enoch Helmet helmet looks Amazing, again excellent job in the craftsmanship from the CyberCraft crew. 5 stars plus.

Sith Trooper Helmet
Daniel Sievers
Sith Trooper Helmet

And once again I am very pleased with you guys.
Helmet is great, well packaged arrived.

Simply amazing

Bought this one for my son. The quality and comfort is absolutely amazing. You can really tell these guys care about their products given the attention to detail. Given how well this one turned out I ordered the Death Trooper for myself. Would 100% recommend these guys.

Arf Trooper Helmet
Corben Jones

This is a great helmet.Its not only well made but comfortable and breathable I’m so glad I got this helmet and will definitely be getting another one as soon as possible!!

Custom Titanfall helmet

Ordered this bad boy towards the end of September. Went with a custom paint job to make my helmet different. There are a few small paint chips but I'm 100% satisfied with it. Might get another down the road

Premium Quality

Out of all the places to get helmets from your favorite games, shows, and movies cyber craft has premium quality. Helmet arrived as advertised. Super comfortable to wear.

Dreams come true

The custom design team was amazing in helping me create my favorite 501st helmet which is from the original battlefront 2 cover. Amazing product with great detail and care. Thank you cybercraft!

Sith Trooper Helmet
Thomas C. Turner
Sith Trooper

This finishes my collection of the First Order Troopers made by Cyber Craft. It is absolutely fantastic! My photos do not do it justice. Fits great. Arrived ahead of schedule. Watch their videos as to how they are packaged to get an idea of the care put into shipping. I always suggest shipping with DHL. Happy as always with their products!

Great kit

I worked with Vahan and purchased the full kit. It's amazing. The attention to detail and fit is perfect.

It would be great if it came with some assembly instructions but it wasn't too tough to figure out. The only piece that this kit could use would be a jetpack harness as this doesn't include one.

The backplate doesn't seem to have anything to latch to without one. I did email cybercraft and am anxious to hear if they have any suggestions or a solution.

Overall they've been great to work with.

Halo ODST - Rookie Helmet
Adam Colunga
ODST Rookie

Helmet is made very well. I’m very satisfied and impressed with the visor alone. My head is a little bigger than most people’s so when worn it fits tight around my cheek bones but I still say it’s a worthwhile helmet.

Kamino Guard Helmet

Helmet looks wonderful and is well crafted. Fits tight around the cheek bones but I’m still satisfied.

109% worth the wait

Great quality and amazing detail, very comfortable to wear for short and long periods of time so Great for cosplay, it took a bit longer to get to me since I'm in the UK but worth every minute

Custom red and black

Amazing work as always, ordered a custom matt black and red mando helmet. Fits well, looks amazing, another helm to my collection looking forward to the next addition

Movie Quality Armor

Let me just tell you all this phase 2 clone armor is the best I have ever seen! It even surpasses the armor we all saw in the recent Ashoka series! The quality and durability of it is just like the helmets they produce! With this being such a new item for them I wasn’t sure what to expect but damn it’s incredible! It was well worth the wait of the pre order! The communication was excellent! I would check in every month while they were designing it and they would give me updates and send pictures! It is worth every penny and I would suggest this to anyone who has ever dreamed of owning a full set on clone armor! It is ever possible (though challenging) to put it all on by yourself! I wanted to see if it was possible and it definitely was thought it just requires a bit of balance at times😂! It was actually pretty easy to take it off by yourself! All of the pieces have Velcro or buckle straps that can be adjusted to fit differently leg or arm lengths and keep the leg and arm armor held up and in position on your body! The mobility is also surprisingly good! Though bending over is a challenge a good squat or walking up stains still remains possible with this armor set! It also comes with Velcro padding bits that can be inserted or removed from arm or leg pieces to help with comfort and stability of the pieces (a very nice touch)! Everything was also very carefully packaged to avoid damage! And I mean very careful! All this to say I am super excited to have this piece and I am a very satisfied customer!