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Second Sister Helmet
Allen Tomten
Did a great job on the helmet...Visor? Not so much

Received the Second Sister helmet this afternoon. Paint job is really good and the details are really good as well. The only disappointment was the red visor film has a separation line towards the very front. Still need to let the Cyber Craft team aware of it yet

Best Quality Helmet

After a month my helmet finally arrived and it was worth the wait! The quality is what I expected and more. love the color choices for it obviously I chose green mainly lol 10/10 I’ll definitely shop around for a new helmet in the future!

Imperial helmet

I love my imperial stormtrooper helmet I requested leave the mouth holes filled where the grid would go and they did it for an extra charge but it was worth it

It was great

My son loved it so much great product 10/10!

could be more accurate

The helmet is good and all but the it could be more accurate, the ones in the film have a curve on bottom brim cybercrafts dont. This causes irritation in the wearers shoulders

Death trooper helmet

Great helmet. It looks great next to my other helmets. The only problem I have with it is that when I try to wear it for cosplay, it weighs down and pushes on my nose. It can be irritating if worn for more than a few minutes but other than that it’s great. 👍

Scout - Ewok Hunter Helmet
Brian Bulldog Valinski
Awesome Helmet

I just got this Helmet along with the Tank Trooper. Wow, the level of Detail is Amazing on both Helmets. I am Very happy with my purchase and will Buy more Helmets in the Future.

Captain Rex (realistic)

This is the seventh helmet I’ve purchased from Cyber Craft and they never disappoint. This one is for my son who loves Captain Rex. He loved the realistic welds on the helmet. I’m beyond happy with it as well.

Once again cyber craft delivers!!!

I finally completed the bad batch with this echo helmet and although it's probably my least favorite out of the team, it's still an excellent helmet. This is my 8th helmet from cyber craft and they always come through.


Everything about the helmet was good but the front gold tint on the Lens wasn’t properly placed and left an air bubble right in the front center of the mask so my helmet has a weird line right on the front.

Worth the purchase

The arc trooper helmet proved to be everything I wanted. It had to be comfortable and good-looking. I will definitely buy another helmet when the time comes.

First Helmet Purchase

People, I was thoroughly impressed with what I received. First, shipping was fast by DHL International, well worth the extra cost for this. Great call on you guys for recommendation to receive before my move took place. Second, quality of product, simply blew me away. Third, I can wear it! I will be back sooner rather than later for sure!

So awesome

I think I was one of the first 5 to grab this and I have no regrets. It fits me just fine and looks great on display. The quality is there and arrived safe and sound. You can see out the visor just fine and it's well padded on the inside. Very pleased with the quality and helmet. I will be getting more.


I’ve been drooling over having this helmet for a while. I was a little hesitant at first since I’m in the US and it was coming from overseas. Had some delay in Turkey which wasn’t Cyber’s fault at all, but they assured me if it was lost they would replace since I had the insurance. Took 4 days for the item to ship since it was in-stock item and exactly a month in transit. Packed well with bubble wrap and arrived safe. Part of the helmet was disassembled so the fins didn’t snap off, and was really easy to screw pieces in. Super helpful if you need to travel with to conventions. Right away I was in love with how well it was made. You could tell instantly they used automobile paints with how smooth and shiny it was. Helmet’s inside was padded and lined with foam(slight smell of glue but that’s expected with it being new). It was super comfortable to wear and even fit my large head which was a bonus. Love the details on the cheek vents with the metal mesh. Just a beautiful piece and looks great next to my Vader. The visor lines up well to see out of and was easy to see even with the thin gap. This helmet was me checking out the quality first before buying more. I can’t wait until I get another!

Awesome Helmet

I’m so happy to have finally added the AT-AT Driver helmet to my collection. The helmet is magnificent. The build quality is so solid, the paint job is very nicely done, and the finishing touches are superb. Cyber Craft makes a great quality helmet at a great price. To me, their helmets are of higher quality than Anovos/Denuo Novo (and I have about 20 of theirs). Great work!!

Death Trooper Helmet

Great looking Helmet.
But, u guy's shouldn't put the light switch exactly where people's noses are. That's not good.
Shipping was very expensive this time. Payed $110.00 for shipping with DHL, and another $100.00 costoms fees and taxes 🤐

This is the Way

I am absolutely in love with this helmet. Since my big head doesn't fit standard sized helmets (like Hasbro, etc) mine was custom sized. It fits like a glove! Big thank you to the whole team at Cyber Craft for getting this made and shipped safely to the US.

Mandalorian Helmet
Daniel Sievers
Great Helmet

Another great job from the Cybercraft Team!
Helmet is worth the money.
I choose shipping the let's call it the nomal way for $75 dollars ,and it took nearly 2 months to get here. Wow
At some point I got worried it might have been stolen somewhere on the way.

Well made and very comfortable!

Ordered a couple months back, but it was definitely worth the wait. Despite being a little big for my head, it does make room for my glasses to fit in just nicely, and I was surprised to have plenty of visibility.
Overall feels comfortable to wear, and durable. Hope to see more Titanfall in the future, maybe the Male IMC Sniper mask from TF1 :)

Pleasantly surprised

Very high quality with incredibly high attention to detail 11/10 the price is well warranted. Sending love to the cyber craft team from NY

Titanfall Helmet

This is the first helmet I got from this company and holy crap this thing is FREAKING AMAZING!!!!! I was worried when I first preordered this helmet thinking the helmet wasn't going to be game accurate with a glowing visor and other details making this Jack Cooper’s helmet, but I was blown away by its detail. I’ve gotten a lot of different helmets from a lot of other vendors and nothing honestly compares to cybercraft. Cybercraft always advertises quality and care in their products and it shows. I’ve had this helmet for almost a year now and the paint is perfect and sticks on well with no chipping, the inside of the helmet is padded very well and the fabric is super soft, it's pretty easy to see out of the visor even with the lights on, and the weight is essentially nothing on your head. I'm going to be buying more helmets from this company because the quality of these helmets is freaking outstanding and I’m excited to try out their other products that aren't just the helmets!

The Armorer Helmet

Amazing build, can’t go wrong in a purchase.

Best helmets out there!

I just bought my first one to see how good the quality was. Compared to everything out there, these guys are leagues ahead. The quality is top notch and the padding on the inside of the helmets makes them quite comfortable! Cannot express how awesome these guys are!

Purge trooper

Outstanding once again. Get while you can.

Red Hood (Black)

The helmet size and quality is Fantastic 😎❤️