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Halo everyone!

As you know, we don't just make Star Wars helmets. We have the Halo - Master Chief helmet. But few people realize what difficulties we faced in development.

To begin with, let's recall who the Master Chief is, aka John-117. He is a super soldier in space wars, a member of the Spartans program. Players have never seen the Master Chief's face. Without a helmet, the hero was shown twice: in Halo 2 he puts on a helmet, and in Halo: Combat Evolved he takes it off. But we didn't see his face. The Master Chief and his helmet are inextricably linked. The hero is mysterious and brutal. He has a lot of fans, a lot of people want to cosplay Master Chief. Of course, this hero could not pass us by. In addition, it is connected with our favorite space theme.

We created the first Halo helmet. Due to the size of the first model, the helmet was quite small. It was only suitable for a small head. Many of our clients were not satisfied with this, and we ourselves were not satisfied with the work. The decision was made to redesign the Master Chief's helmet to be more comfortable for cosplay.

At first, the task seemed easy. The Halo helmet has a simple helmet shape. These helmets are made quickly and do not require much effort. But when we got down to business, it turned out that everything was not so simple.

The visor of the Halo helmet is large, wide and takes up a lot of space on the helmet. It has a curved shape and a relief pattern. This was the difficulty of creating the Master Chief helmet. It is important for us that our helmets fully comply with the canons. Therefore, it was decided to develop the Halo helmet technology from scratch.

We have redesigned the 3D model of the Master Chief helmet. According to it, they made a master model, created a form. The helmet went through all the stages of creation again to become perfect. We took into account that the Halo helmet should be suitable for cosplayers, collectors, fans of the game. And we did it!

The Halo helmet is now available for purchase. We managed to make it big enough - it fits a head up to 63 cm. The Master Chief helmet is fully compliant and will be the perfect gift for your best friends or a gift for yourself. If you have long wanted to cosplay Master Chief from the Halo game, then you can safely order our helmet. The Halo Master Chief Infinite Helmet is perfect for Halo Armor in cosplay.

The helmet even has a built-in canonical illumination. By the way, in the beta version of Halo-3, players were able to see the outlines of the face through the translucent visor. The visor of our Halo helmet is completely gold and does not show through. You will be able to remain as mysterious as the Master Chief - no one will guess your identity.

Here is such a long history of the creation of the Master Chief helmet. Would you like to cosplay a Halo hero with our helmet?

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  • Matt Judd

    I purchased the Master Chief Helmet and it is 100% accurate! It looks amazing, and even though I have a large head (7 5/8 hat size) it fits comfortably. This is a great piece for any collection or cosplay. Thanks CyberCraft!

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