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$ 346.50  $385.00

$346.50 $385.00

Helldivers 2 B-01 Tactical Helmet

The B-01 Tactical Helmet from Helldivers 2 is an essential piece of gear for soldiers navigating hazardous environments. With integrated heads-up display and advanced targeting systems, this helmet enhances situational awareness and precision in combat. Its rugged design and customizable features make it a favored choice among elite operatives in the Helldivers universe.

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Two unique helmets for true Fallout fans

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Outstanding excellence

"-These guys are amazing! When I messaged them asking about the helmet, they were quick, kind and helpful! Also, the helmet quality is exceeded my expectations! The NCR Ranger helmet is very sturdy, and it’s very comfortable. The paint job is remarkable as well! Very detailed, and very well done. I would recommend this helmet 110%."

Seneth Hendrix


Look great!

Looks great and lights up! Would recommend



Awesome job thank you and your team

Helmet came fast! The quality and detail work is amazing! Highly recommend!



Amazing at their craft and I message them

Very responsive and nice. Amazing quality! Would recommend.

John Barajas


The helmet looks wayyyyyy better in person and has a very soft fabric in the inside

John B.


The seller was very helpful in answering any questions I had about the product and the item came earlier than expected. It's a very comfortable wear for cosplays and is also a beautiful decoration piece.



The helmet was a birthday present for my son and he was NOT disappointed. It’s EXACTLY what he pictured. The quality is on point and he was saying it was better than he pictured. Would buy from this seller again. He made sure to keep in contact with me and even made sure everything with perfect, after it was delivered. Thank you again!

Robin Sagala


Arc Trooper - Cobalt Helmet - Cyber Craft

Sold out
Arc Trooper - Cobalt Helmet - Cyber Craft

Sold out

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Discover how our artisans craft high-quality replicas with maximum precision

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We have sold over 14,000 helmets and received over 3,000 feedback reviews


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Is the helmet suitable for airsoft?

Our helmets are not designed for airsoft. An airsoft helmet should have a strap or cushion system for head protection and good visibility. Our helmets are developed without considering these features.

Can I wear the helmet with glasses?

The helmet can be worn with glasses. However, it is an individual question that depends on the shape and size of the glasses, as well as the shape and size of the head. Without fitting, it cannot be said for sure whether you will be comfortable wearing our helmet with glasses.

Can I use the helmet as a motorcycle helmet?

We produce a fan product that is not subject to mandatory certification. Using uncertified motorcycle helmets is life-threatening!

Issues with the received helmet or problems during delivery

Please contact Danis through the chat or directly email the customer support manager at We will definitely resolve your issue!

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