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Do you love Mandalorian helmets as much as we do? We already have a large collection of Mandalorian helmets. And we don't stop there! We are pleased to announce that another Star Wars Mandalorian helmet is available for purchase - Paz Vizsla. Remember this character? He appeared in the TV series The Mandalorian. Let's remember his story and consider a new helmet.

Paz Vizsla consider himself as a heir to the Mandalorian throne. He is the descendant of the Mandalorian Jedi Tarre Vizsla, who created the Darksaber, the black Mandalorian sword. He survived the Night of a Thousand Tears and lived in a Mandalorian hideout. Paz Vizsla respects the Mandalorian heritage, so he went against Din Djarin when he wanted to forge armor from the Imperial beskar.


Despite the conflict with Din Jarin, Paz Vizsla helped him fight Greef Karga. Paz Vizsla flew in in a jetpack and provided fire support for Din Jarin. After that, Paz Vizsla was forced to leave the hideout and the planet. He helped Armorer rebuild the forge in the world of the Glavis ring. Paz Vizsla and Armorer left signs for other mandalorians to find a new hiding place. He helped Din Jarin heal wounds that could have been fatal.

Din Jarin got the Darksaber in the fight with Gideon. But this sword is the legacy of Paz Vizsla. Therefore, the hero challenged Din Jarin to a duel, wanting to reclaim his heritage. But the duel was lost. Mastering the Darksaber takes a lot of practice, which Paz Vizsla didn't have.


Paz Vizsla is an interesting character. He keeps the traditions of the Mandalorians, therefore, even in conflicts with Din Jarin, he behaves honestly. Paz Vizsla is a good fighter, wielding a blaster cannon. By the way, the blaster cannon is a reference to the M56 Smartgun from the movie Alien. He can fight multiple opponents at the same time. He wears heavy beskar armor and wears a flamethrower on his wrist.


The Paz Vizsla helmet is massive and looks heavy. He has a narrow visor and sunken cheeks. There are no patterns on it, like on the Armorer helmet, the helmet is more concise and simple. There are a lot of dents and damage on Paz Vizsla's helmet, because the hero often fought. Brayan Matias was inspired by art-deco (massive, elongated buildings) and German expressionism (rough, gloomy forms) when he created the Paz Vizsla helmet. This Star Wars helmet is angular and rough.


We took the inspiration from Brayan Matias to replicate the Paz Vizsla helmet. We repeated the damage and dents on this helmet to make it look realistic. Like it was recently worn by Paz Vizsla and was in combat. This Star Wars helmet will look cool in a brutal cosplay. The Paz Vizsla helmet is a cool gift for a friend and Star Wars fan.

We really like the Paz Vizsla character. He has strong principles, he follows the path of the Mandalorian warrior. How do you feel about this character? Would you like to try on the Paz Vizsla helmet?

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