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One of our popular Star Wars helmets is the Captain Rex helmet. We have several color options for this helmet: Black, Ahsoka, Realistic line, Clone Trooper helmet and others. Attentive buyers have noticed that the classic Captain Rex helmet has often undergone changes in color.

Consider, for example, reviews.

Captain Rex Helmet Review | Cyber Craft

This photo shows bright traces of rust. Especially a lot of rust on the forehead of the helmet. We wanted to add realism to the Captain Rex helmet. Therefore, we decided that such a helmet would look more real, as if it was worn in battles. The helmet has other damage, scratches and smeared paint. He looks worn.

Captain Rex Helmet Review | Cyber Craft

Here in this photo the helmet looks a little different. There isn't much rust here, but a thin brown streak is visible on the forehead. The stripes on the helmet are more neatly drawn, as if they were not so much smeared with water. Overall, this helmet looks newer and less worn.

Captain Rex Helmet Review | Cyber Craft

The most accurate Captain Rex helmet looks on this frame. It has scratches on it. But instead of rust - neat brown stripes with a gradient. The strips coming from the visor are also even and not smeared. We made them gradient. Rust stains are visible on the cheeks of the helmet, but this Captain Rex helmet does not look too worn.

Why are there so many color options? We have already said that the production of any Star Wars helmet begins with a search for a reference. And the references of Captain Rex character are different from each other!

Captain Rex | Star Wars | Cyber Craft

During the Clone Wars Captain Rex helmet looked the most damaged. It was dusty, dirty, with scratches, smudges of paint and rust. The pattern on this helmet is fuzzy, there is no gradient, only sloppy spots. This is how the helmet should look during the fighting.

Captain Rex | Star Wars | Cyber Craft

On Geonosis the Captain Rex helmet looks less damaged. The helmet looked similar during the battle on the Cade Banes frigate. The drawing is a little fuzzy, but there are no strong smudges of paint. There are quite a few references where the Captain Rex helmet looks brand new with minor damage.

We try to follow the canon in the creation of helmets. But sometimes canon implies variety. We have created different versions of the helmet to find the perfect one. Now the Captain Rex helmet is perfect for cosplay or as a gift to yourself or a friend. This Star Wars helmet is absolutely canon. We hope to bring you more realistic Star Wars helmets!

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