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The Armorer Helmet from Star Wars / Cosplay Helmet / The Mandalorian / Star Wars Helmet

Friends, you know that we have a line of Mandalorian helmets. One of them is The Armorer helmet. This character appears in the TV series The Mandalorian. She is not the main character, but plays an important role in the series. We invite you to remember her history and get to know this Star Wars helmet better. Spoilers below!

The Armorer is a woman who creates armor and weapons for her people. The Armorer survived the Night of a Thousand Tears, when millions of Mandalorians died at the hands of the Galactic Empire. The Armorer preserves the culture of her people. She restores armor and weapons from the rare Mandalorian metal - beskar. She forged beskar armor for Din Djarin.


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The Armorer - wise woman. She honors the memory of her people. She stopped a fight between Din Djarin and Paz Vizsla. Paz Vizsla claimed that the beskar belonged to the Empire, but The Armorer said the metal had been returned to its rightful owners. She defended the forge from a squad of troopers, fighting with her own tools.


The Armorer couldn't forgive Din Djarin for taking off his Mandalorian helmet. She said that the only way he could redeem himself was in the living waters beneath the Mandalorian mines. But they were destroyed. Honesty, calmness, strength, and devotion are the qualities of The Armorer. Even the appearance of the helmet can tell a lot about the temper of this character.


She has a gold colored Mandalorian helmet. It is made from beskar like any other Mandalorian helmet. The visor is narrow and elongated, smaller than a typical female Mandalorian helmet. But the eye holes are rounded, not angular. This gives the appearance of the helmet elegance and beauty. On the head are five small golden horns. We didn`t make helmets with horns before, so we started with small ones. The helmet is very textured, relief, with beautiful metal patterns. This Star Wars helmet has very sunken cheeks, so the helmet will fit a small head.

In the series, The Armorer helmet was designed by Brian Matyas. He believes that the eyes of this Mandalorian helmet are similar to the face of an owl. This confirms the character of the heroine: one at the same time calm, wise and dangerous. By the way, this helmet can be found in the game Star Wars: The Old Republic after the update.


The Armorer fell in love with many people. We are also fans of this heroine. So we decided to create a helmet that would be perfect for cosplay or as a gift to a friend. 

Unfortunately we don't have beskar. But instead, we use lightweight and durable plastic that will serve you for years to come. We will repeat even the smallest details and make sure that the helmet is comfortable to wear on your head. The Armorer Helmet will help you feel like part of the Mandalorian people.

We tried to make the Armorer helmet so that you will be delighted with it. Can you already imagine how cool it will look in cosplay? It will make a great addition to your collection of Mandalorian helmets.

The Armorer Helmet from Star Wars / Cosplay Helmet / The Mandalorian / Star Wars Helmet


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